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Where alignment meets planning
EduCompass provides teachers with instructional strategies, student activities, and student tasks already aligned to the Depth of Knowledge levels of every standard. Imagine adding the resources you need to build unit plans aligned to the standards in just a few clicks!
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The future of planning is here!
Create a plan for entire school year
The Scope & Sequence Builder allows teachers to organize standards into individual units and populates the unit planner simultaneously
Scope & Sequence Builder
Create a plan for the entire school year with EduCompass’ Scope & Sequence Builder. Teachers will have all the standards at their fingertips to help them make decisions on what standard to teach and when to teach them.
Plan for the week or everyday.
Unit Planner powered by EduCompass' Instructional Planning Toolkit
Plan for the week or every day
Plan for the week or by every single day through the EduCompass Unit Planner.
Teachers will be able to navigate easily from unit to unit with our calendar feature.
Ability to customize each unit to meet the specific needs of every individual teacher.
Increase your efficiency with our generators
You’ll have all the Learning Targets for every standard organized by Depth of Knowledge levels within the EduCompass Generators
Powered by Instructional Planning Toolkits.
EduCompass is powered by the content from the Instructional Planning Toolkits.
Our EduCompass Generators have all the foundational pieces you need to build a standards aligned unit plan!
Every standard is unpacked with learning targets organized and placed into individual Depth of Knowledge levels to help teachers take the guesswork out when planning.
Assessment Blueprint with Assessment Item Type Generator
Align assessments & feedback
You can align assessments and feedback for students through the EduCompass Assessment Blueprint.
The Assessment Blueprint automatically populates as you choose your learning targets for each unit. You’ll have DOK levels for every learning target identified.
Our database of Next Generation assessment item types allows teachers to select the right type of assessment item aligned to the intended Depth of Knowledge Level for every learning target.
Analyze progress with real time reports
Track progress, analyze instructional trends, and much more.
Track unit progress in real time
Get up to the minute progress on how teachers are progressing through each unit, what percentage of the standards have been taught, and how many days it has taken or will take to teach standards within each unit across the entire school year.
Use the Learning Target Trackers to see how many times each learning target has been taught
Learning Target Tracker
The EduCompass Learning Target Tracker provides a detailed report to let teachers and school leaders track every learning target.
Track every learning target within the standards by domain that has been planned, taught or has yet to be planned for.
This report allows school teams to hone in on specific areas of the standards that need to be addressed to ensure that students are being taught the full intent within each standard.
Teacher Progress Report
Teachers can track their progress on what percentage of the standards they have taught and what percentage of the standards are left to be taught
Track what percentage of the remaining planned standards need to be taught within the school year calendar.
Join the future of planning now!
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